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4 Causes of Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air in Stuttgart, AR

A properly working furnace should keep your Stuttgart, AR, home warm and cozy. However, there are times when it might not work properly and will blow cold air. Here are a few reasons your furnace is blowing cold air:

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is what your HVAC system uses to communicate with the furnace. If it has issues, your furnace won’t perform its job and can end up blowing cold air. One issue your furnace’s thermostat may experience is loose wiring.

Clogged Condensate Line

Condensate lines drain water created during the heating process. When these lines clog, they activate a switch designed to prevent your furnace from lighting. The unit blows cold air since the burner can’t light a flame.

The usual culprits include dirt and bugs that get into the lines. You can eliminate these problems by scheduling regular heating system maintenance.

Leaking Ducts

When your vent emits cold air, it might be due to leaking ducts. Ducts circulate air throughout your home, and if they develop leaks, the air loses heat energy. The leaks can often be due to holes, cracks or loose joints.

Such a problem lowers your comfort levels and results in higher bills. If you suspect leaking ducts, schedule a professional inspection and necessary repairs.

Overheated Furnace

Failure to replace or clean your air filters might lead to overheating of your furnace. Over time, the filters get clogged by dirt and debris and reduce airflow, leading to overheating. This will eventually shut down the burner, causing it to only blow cold air.

Experts recommend changing the air filter once every month to avoid such problems. If you have reusable ones, clean them bi-weekly.

A furnace that blows cold air can cause discomfort in your Stuttgart, AR, home. However, it might have an easy fix once a professional identifies the issue. For more information about scheduling heating repairs, contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air.

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