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Dirty Indoor Air Causes These Dangerous Problems in Sheridan, AR

Living in a home with dirty air can leave your family feeling fatigued and unmotivated. Your indoor air quality has a significant role in your household’s health and your energy efficiency. Dirty indoor air may result in these unfortunate issues and more in Sheridan, AR:

Health Concerns

Your air quality slowly decreases as more contaminants like pollen, dust, hair and microbes accumulate. These pollutants can irritate your sinuses and make you susceptible to frequent sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, skin inflammation and nausea. You may also notice changes in your ability to sleep, concentrate or perform your daily tasks.

HVAC System Issues

More airborne debris means your HVAC filter will fill up faster. Once this filter clogs, it’ll limit airflow into the system, increasing the risk of overheating and lackluster temperature control. Pollutants will also have an easier time getting around your full filter, allowing them to infiltrate your system and ductwork.

Fluctuating Humidity Levels

Poor ventilation and filtration could make you susceptible to harmful humidity changes. When your home humidity gets too low, it can dry out your sinuses and harm your wooden belongings. A humidity level that’s too high may bring in more pests and result in microbial growth.

Increased Energy Costs

When your filter or ductwork fills with debris, your HVAC system will have to work harder to produce enough conditioned air. This will force the system to consume more energy as it runs for longer cycles trying to meet your set temperature. Prolonged air quality problems may also lead you to pay more for HVAC repairs over the years.

Your indoor air quality doesn’t only concern the extra visible dust you see around the home. It can cause allergy flare-ups, uncomfortable rashes and a host of HVAC issues. Reach out to the service techs at Pine Bluff Heating & Air for reputable indoor air quality solutions in Sheridan, AR.

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