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Why Is My Ductless Mini-Split Making So Much Noise?

If you own a ductless mini-split system, you know how convenient and efficient it can be for cooling or heating. However, if you’ve noticed that your mini-split is making unusual noises, it can be concerning and disruptive. Let’s explore the common reasons behind ductless mini-split noises and what you can do to address them in Pine Bluff, AR.

Loose or Misaligned Components

One of the most common reasons for noisy ductless mini-splits is loose or misaligned components. Vibrations during operation can cause nuts, bolts or panels to become loose, leading to rattling or clanking noises.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

Clogged or dirty filters can impede proper airflow through the ductless mini-split system, causing it to work harder and create more noise. Check and clean the filters regularly to maintain efficient airflow and reduce noise levels. In some cases, replacing old filters with new ones may be necessary.

Refrigerant Issues

If your ductless mini-split is low on refrigerant or has a refrigerant leak, it may produce hissing or bubbling noises during operation. Refrigerant issues can impact the system’s cooling or heating performance. It’s crucial to have professional HVAC service techs inspect and address these issues promptly.

Faulty Fan Motor or Blower Wheel

Noises like grinding or squealing may indicate a faulty fan motor or blower wheel. These components play a significant role in airflow and heat exchange. If you hear such noises, it’s essential to have a qualified service tech inspect and repair or replace the affected parts to restore smooth and quiet operation.

Ice Formation or Frost Buildup

If you notice gurgling or bubbling noises from your mini-split, it may be due to ice formation or frost buildup on the evaporator coils. This can happen if the system works poorly or the coils are dirty. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can prevent ice formation and reduce noise levels.

Unusual noises from your ductless mini-split can indicate underlying issues that require attention. You should address these issues and restore your mini-split system’s quiet and efficient operation. Contact us at Pine Bluff Heating & Air for ductless AC services.

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