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4 Ways a Commercial HVAC System Impacts Your Employees

Your team needs a comfortable environment to achieve individual and company goals. The commercial HVAC system plays a significant role in creating such an environment. Here are four ways a commercial HVAC system impacts the employees at your business in Hensley, AR:

Air Quality

A commercial HVAC system uses air filters to eliminate dust and other pollutants from the office. When these particles block the filters, they affect the air quality in the working space.

The pollutants further trigger allergies and airborne diseases that affect the employees’ productivity. Employees can’t focus on the tasks at hand when sneezing or experiencing frequent headaches. You can remedy this situation by changing the air filters regularly or installing an effective ventilation system.


An aging or malfunctioning HVAC system will make your employees vulnerable to health issues. Poor indoor air quality may trigger asthma attacks and other allergic responses.

These health issues affect the employees’ concentration and productivity at work. Moreover, they increase absenteeism as the workers use more sick days to recover.

Thermal Comfort

Temperature influences the comfort level of a commercial space. Employees are uncomfortable when the office is too hot or too cold. This discomfort sometimes further leads to agitation and under-performance.

To prevent this issue, consider scheduling regular HVAC maintenance to ensure the system works effectively. We recommend that you maintain your office temperature at a comfortable 72-78 degrees.


Various factors, such as a damaged fan motor or loose fan blades, could cause your commercial HVAC system to start screeching or squealing. These strange noises distract employees and affect their productivity. Luckily, many modern systems have sound-dampening technology that helps to reduce the noises.

In summary, a properly managed HVAC system is the key to a healthy and productive workforce. Contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air today for reliable repair and maintenance services.

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