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What’s sick building syndrome? You’ve probably heard this term used as it relates to indoor air quality in Sheridan, AR, offices. Learn more about this condition and what you can do about it to help keep everyone healthy.

What’s Sick Building Syndrome?

According to the EPA, sick building syndrome describes the situation in which the occupants of a building feel discomfort and experience acute health symptoms when they’re inside the building. No specific illness is causing them to feel ill.

Sick Building Syndrome Affects Your Employees

As the National Center for Biotechnology Information notes, sick building syndrome is a major occupational hazard containing an assortment of symptoms that can cause a decreased productivity and increased absenteeism. However, it’s preventable.

Signs That a Building Might Have This Issue

Workers within a building might experience a host of symptoms. These include:

  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Irritation of nose and throat.
  • Dry cough.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.

There may also be an increase of asthma attacks. Fatigue may be another of the symptoms. There have also been complaints of muscle aches, fever, chills and tightness in the chest.

How a Building Owner Might Address It

The owner of a building might call service techs to help increase the ventilation and distribution of air within the building. The HVAC system should have maintenance completed to reduce buildup of contaminants, ensuring that the building meets EPA ventilation standards. Additionally, air cleaning can address air pollution within the building after the sources have been removed.

If you need service techns to rid your building of its sickness, contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air for help with the maintenance and repair of your commercial HVAC system. We’ll help make your building well again with better indoor air quality. As a result, your employees and customers will enjoy clean and fresh air.

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