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Protecting Your Outdoor Unit Helps You Save Energy and Money

The outdoor component is the heart of the air conditioning system in your Sheridan, Arkansas home. Protecting your outdoor unit is one way to help your AC system last longer. It will also perform more efficiently and reduce energy costs. There are several ways you can protect your outdoor unit so that it will continue to deliver the performance you expect.

Leave Breathing Room

The condensing coil releases the heat it extracts from your home into the air outside. The easier it can do that, the more efficiently it will cool your home. It will also be less likely to break down and need repairs. To do its job properly, the outdoor unit needs space and breathing room. Some homeowners try to camouflage the unit, but that can obstruct airflow and put strain on the air conditioner. That shortens its operating life and increases your cooling costs.

Get Rid of Airflow Obstructions

The accumulation of dirt and debris in the outdoor unit can reduce airflow. Buildup anywhere in the unit will affect the movement of components. As a result, your AC will have to work harder and use more energy. Additionally, particles in the unit can eventually affect your indoor air quality. Obstructed components can lead to expensive repairs. Watch for twigs, branches, or foliage that could affect the unit, and be careful during landscaping jobs.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

At Pine Bluff Heating & Air, we recommend AC maintenance as early as spring to get your system ready for summer. Preventive maintenance is an effective way to protect your air conditioner and ward off potential problems. Our service techs thoroughly inspect and clean all components to identify and remedy any issues. You’ll help your AC last longer when you make regular maintenance a priority.

Preventive maintenance will keep the unit clean and also improve efficiency. You’ll reduce energy usage and see more savings on your energy bills. To learn more about the benefits of preventive maintenance or schedule an appointment for service, contact the experts at Pine Bluff by calling 870-275-4006.

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