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Can You Install Your Own Heat Pump in Pine Bluff, AR?

Homeowners who opt for DIY HVAC installations do it to save money. However, unless you’re an HVAC professional, DIY installations are dangerous and may cost you more. Here are some reasons to avoid installing your heat pump by yourself in Pine Bluff, AR:

Interfere With Equipment Efficiency

A heat pump is a complex system that requires professional experience to install. If you manage to install the system by yourself, there’s a high likelihood the system may not perform at peak efficiency. This is because you may not be familiar with proper installation concepts if you’re not an HVAC professional.

An inefficient heat pump will make you pay high energy costs. It may also break down often and fail to supply enough hot air during the coldest period of the year.

On the other hand, HVAC professionals undergo rigorous training and tests to fully understand how to repair, maintain and install HVAC systems. This guarantees you the service tech will install your system correctly.

Lack the Appropriate Tools and Equipment

A heat pump requires specialized tools and equipment to install. You may not have these tools and equipment, prompting you to work on your unit with basic ones.

You stand a higher chance of damaging your unit when you work on it with the wrong tools. On the other hand, HVAC professionals keep updating their tools and equipment to keep up with the changes in the HVAC industry.

You’re Endangering Yourself

A heat pump contains multiple electrical components that require professional experience to handle. You may get electrocuted if you mishandle these components.

In addition, a heat pump uses a special fluid called a refrigerant to relay heat. This fluid is harmful to human beings and the environment. Therefore, if you cause any damage to the refrigerant lines during an installation, this fluid may leak and harm you or your family.

Contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air for excellent heating services. Our service techns will professionally handle your heat pump installation, saving you from the risks and dangers of DIY work.

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