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Indoor Air Quality Products You Need to Know About

Maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Pine Bluff, Arkansas, home is crucial to your health. That’s especially true if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Poor IAQ can lead to a host of ailments, including respiratory problems and even poor sleep quality. If you’re not satisfied with your home’s air quality and looking for ways to boost your indoor ventilation, check out some of the best IAQ-enhancing products on the market.

Whole-House Ventilators

First, improve the IAQ in your home by removing the stale air and replacing it with fresh air. You can do this by installing a whole-house ventilator. These ventilators can break up the concentration of pollutants and ensure you enjoy fresh, clean air throughout the day.

Electronic Air Cleaners

If you have family members with asthma or severe allergies, you need to focus on trapping and killing airborne toxins in your home. As a result, you’ll reduce allergic and respiratory triggers. This is where electronic air cleaners, usually attached to HVAC systems, come in handy. These cleaners work by trapping large particles and using an electrically charged filter to trap smaller toxins, such as bacteria.

Air Purifiers

Finally, air purifiers are an excellent product that filters the air that travels throughout the ductwork in your system. An air purifier will use a series of internal fans and filters to suck in air and trap most of the allergens and toxins responsible for the respiratory issues in your home. Air purifiers can catch pollen, bacteria and dander right in your ductwork. As a result, they will prevent them from ruining the quality of air in your home.

If the indoor air quality in your home is a priority for you and your family, consider investing in one of the products listed above. Not sure which IAQ products will work best for your situation? Contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air at 870-275-4006. One of our service techs will help you find the best product for your home.

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