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Improve Your Airflow to Increase Cooling Efficiency in Hensley, AR

One of the major factors affecting your home’s air conditioning efficiency is airflow. This accounts for both airflow in the system and throughout your Hensley, AR, home. Consider these easy methods for improving your home’s airflow and boosting your cooling efficiency.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fans both improve your home’s airflow and make the air feel cooler. To get the most benefit from your ceiling fan, you’ll want to ensure it’s rotating the right direction.

When looking up at the fan, the blades should rotate counterclockwise. If they’re not, turn the fan off and let the blades stop spinning, and then flip the switch on the fan housing.

Replace Your Air Filter

Your air conditioner must cool the air drawn through the system to effectively cool your home. Neglected air filters get clogged with dust and dirt, reducing the air flowing through the system.

Check your filter monthly with a plan to change it every 30 to 90 days for 1- or 2-inch filters. Improve your airflow further by gently vacuuming off your filter every time you check it.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

The internal workings of your air conditioner get dirty over time, reducing the air drawn through the system. Cleaning these areas is one of the major components of routine air conditioning maintenance.

Your service tech will also inspect and test the unit, making sure that each part works optimally. If they find something unusual, you can schedule an air conditioning repair before it causes substantial strain and additional repairs.

Check Supply Registers

Once your AC system conditions the air, it pushes it back through the ducts and out through the supply vents. If you have blocked or closed vents, the cool air won’t circulate properly. Go through each room and open every vent, checking to see that each one has at least a 2-inch clearance.

Make sure your AC system is circulating air effectively this summer. Call to schedule your spring air conditioning maintenance with the award-winning service techs at Pine Bluff Heating & Air today.

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