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How to Prepare Your AC System for the Cooling Season in Pine Bluff, AR

Anyone who lives in Pine Bluff, AR, knows that the summer months are quite hot. To ensure that you’re ready for when the temperature starts to rise, you need to prepare your air conditioner. The following three maintenance tips will prepare your AC system for the hot weather:

Schedule Annual AC Maintenance

Before the start of the summer season, it’s important that you schedule an annual AC maintenance service. This can help to ensure that your central air conditioner is in good condition and ready for the hotter months ahead. The service techs will inspect the system, make some adjustments, clean a variety of different parts and provide you with guidance if you need repairs.

Remember to Replace the Filter

The start of the summer season is also a great time to replace your air conditioner filter. Your air conditioner’s filter is important as it helps to keep debris out of the unit. This will allow more cool air to flow more freely through the unit at all times. As a result, it’ll help to prevent strain and reduce your energy bills.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Your air conditioner likely has an outdoor component. It’s also important that you clean around the unit regularly. Over the winter and spring, there’s a good chance that leaves, dirt and other debris have built up. Sweeping this up will prevent it from getting sucked into your unit. Trim at least two feet of clearance around the unit for efficient operation.

Preparing your AC system prepared for summer is important. After all, Pine Bluff is known for its hot and humid climate. At Pine Bluff Heating & Air, we excel at doing reliable tuneups. Our service techs can ensure your unit is ready for the summer ahead and help you save on cooling costs.

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