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How Incorrect AC Installation Affects You

Enjoying all the benefits of a new AC installation in your Sheridan, Arkansas, home depends on more than choosing a great system. Correct setup is a must if you are to get the most out of your investment in indoor comfort. Errors can reduce the efficiency of your new system by as much as 30 percent. Here are other ways that incorrect AC installation can impact your wallet and compromise your comfort.

Impaired Performance

Without proper sizing and correct placement, your new AC system won’t deliver the cooling comfort you need. An oversized system is subject to short cycles and can result in uneven temperatures. An undersized system will run continually and still fail to keep everyone cool and comfortable. In this case, you are likely to see an increase in your utility bills.

Higher Energy Consumption

It pays to invest in a high-efficiency air conditioning system. However, if there were problems during installation, you won’t enjoy the energy savings you expect. The system uses more energy if it has to work harder to provide the level of comfort you need or if it cycles on when it shouldn’t. Improper installation takes a toll on the equipment causing undue wear and tear on critical components. This also wastes energy. Worst of all, you may need a replacement system years earlier than you should.

Accurate AC Installation

Proper AC installation means your air conditioner will deliver optimal performance, keeping you cool and comfortable during the long warm-weather season. When you partner with Pine Bluff Heating & Air, you can rest assured that we will install your system correctly. Before every installation, our experienced service techs conduct cooling load calculations to ensure the system is sized based on your specific needs.

At Pine Bluff Heating & Air, we bring factory training and service excellence to every installation we perform. We take pride in exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations and national installation standards. If it’s time for an upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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