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Is Your Furnace Blower Motor in Sheridan, AR, Shot?

Eventually, everyone in Sheridan, AR, will encounter problems with their furnace. Here are some signs that a furnace blower motor is at the end of its lifespan.

Signs Your Furnace Blower Needs Replacement

Weak airflow, fully clogged vents and overheating are all signs you need to have your furnace blower motor fixed. Don’t be too surprised when this happens. Realistically, everyone will have trouble with their furnaces eventually because heating components don’t last forever.

Two further issues that arise when your furnace blower motor is near the end of its lifespan are weird sounds emanating from your furnace blower and an unusually high energy bill. If this situation happens with your system, contact one of our professional service techs to repair or replace the motor. Waiting for the problem to fix itself will only lead to further damage and higher heating repair costs.

Reasons Behind the Problem

Forgetting to replace air filters, skipping maintenance checks and ignoring warning signs mean that you may face a problematic furnace blower issue in the future. A furnace is a complex system that undergoes plenty of strain under normal circumstances. When you put it under more stress than it needs to, you can create many problems.

Some common reasons a furnace blower motor might fail include faulty wiring, failing valves and transformer problems. Finally, don’t use a furnace with a defective blower because it’s unsafe. Schedule a furnace repair right away to keep your system running efficiently and your family safe.

We have been providing services to the residents since 1962. We charge reasonable prices, letting you relax with the assurance that the problem is in outstanding hands while our service techs work hard to keep a smile on your face throughout the entire process. Contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air, where you can get a heating repair or installation done well and on time.

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