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Winter in Pine Bluff, AR, doesn’t have to be miserable and cold when you have your home’s warmth to comfort you. But what happens when your furnace isn’t working? Read on to learn more about common furnace problems.

Furnace Blows Cold Air

Cold air releasing from the floor vents happens for one of two reasons. Either the filter needs changing or the air ducts need resealing. Call a qualified HVAC service tech to help you figure the exact cause of the problem.

Constant Cycling On and Off

A furnace that turns on and off too often signals impeded airflow. Allowing this problem to continue puts a lot of stress on the furnace and can cause unexpected breakdowns. Homeowners should call an HVAC repair company to inspect their furnace and determine the exact reason for the airflow issues.

Furnace Won’t Stay On

Loss of power is something that affects many homes in Pine Bluff, AR. Although this situation might cause panic, there’s usually a simple and inexpensive solution. A common problem that causes furnaces to stop working without warning is a faulty ignition system.

Broken ignitors and faulty pilot lights make it difficult for furnaces to stay on. Call an HVAC service tech to have electric ignition switches inspected or have the gas line checked.

Furnace Doesn’t Turn On

Although it’s not something homeowners want to hear, the fact is furnaces don’t last forever. Even well-maintained furnaces develop problems after 10 to 15 years. If the furnace doesn’t turn on, it needs an inspection.

The problem might be something as simple as a faulty pilot light or another mechanical issue. Keep in mind if the furnace is older, repair costs might exceed furnace replacement costs. In a situation like this, service techs often recommend replacement.

Want to avoid furnace problems this winter? Schedule heating maintenance with Pine Bluff Heating & Air today.

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