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4 Consequences of Skipping AC Maintenance in Star City, AR

Have you heard from friends or read somewhere that skipping air conditioner maintenance will help you save money? Unfortunately, that’s a myth that can have serious negative consequences. Read to understand the impact skipping AC maintenance has on your health, air conditioner and finances.

More AC Repairs and Replacements

The first drawback of skipping AC maintenance is that your system’s components will wear out faster. As a result, you’ll experience frequent breakdowns. And as time goes by, issues that an HVAC expert would solve through simple AC repairs might end up necessitating replacements that can be quite pricey.

With regular AC maintenance, you’re able to delay the wear and tear process. As a result, you’ll keep emergency air conditioner repairs minimal.

Air Conditioner Will Have a Shorter Lifespan

In addition to frequent breakdowns, you might have to replace the entire AC system prematurely. Ultimately, repairing components becomes too expensive, and replacing the entire AC system is inevitable.

Decreased Level of Comfort

Without air conditioner maintenance, dust and other indoor air pollutants accumulate on filters, causing them to clog. Consequently, the quality of your indoor air declines, humidity levels rise and your system struggles to achieve the desired temperatures. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you’re spending a lot of cash to cover medical expenses on account of recurring respiratory infections.

Higher Cooling Expenses

AC systems depend on electricity to keep your indoors healthy and comfortable. And with your filters clogged, your air conditioner takes longer to get the job done.

This leads to more energy consumption, hence higher electricity bills. That said, it’s wise to view an AC maintenance plan as an investment rather than an expense.

For decades, we’ve been offering exceptional AC services to residents in Star City, AR, and the surrounding areas. Being a family-owned and operated business, we understand your need to keep your loved ones healthy while saving some cash. Contact Pine Bluff Heating & Air to schedule AC maintenance at an affordable rate.

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