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3 Advantages of HVAC Zoning

Zoning allows you to choose different temperatures for different rooms or zones of your Pine Bluff, Arkansas, home. HVAC zoning can provide energy savings, comfort, convenience, and a longer life for your heater and air conditioner.

Increased Energy Savings

With zoning, you’ll never have to waste energy by cooling or heating empty rooms. Switching to a zoning system can be a big investment, but it will eventually pay for itself through lower utility bills.

Comfort and Convenience

Some HVAC zoning systems have dampers in their ductwork to send cool or warm air where you need it most. Others use more than one heater and air conditioner or a ductless system with two or more indoor air handlers. In each zone, a thermostat monitors the temperature and makes changes when needed. You can use a programmable thermostats to control multiple zones from one convenient location.

With HVAC zoning, you can keep rooms on upper floors from feeling too hot in summer without impacting the temperature on the first floor. People can also choose the temperatures they prefer for their bedrooms without making anyone else uncomfortable. With many programmable or smart thermostats, you can use a smartphone or computer to make changes and get updates wirelessly from anywhere. You can set a password to alter your thermostat settings as well. That way, guests and kids won’t be able to make adjustments without permission.

Longer Life for Your HVAC System

HVAC systems with zoning don’t need to work as hard as many other heating and air conditioning systems. This reduces wear and tear, and it can extend the life of your system considerably. Zoning can also minimize the risk of an inconvenient, costly breakdown. As a result, you also save on potential repair costs.

Pine Bluff Heating & Air is a Trane Comfort Specialist with decades of air conditioning experience. We can help you choose and install the best HVAC zoning system for your home. Contact our knowledgeable, friendly service techs anytime at 870-275-4006.

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